As a college student, B. F. Mezzatesta, our present lecturer, gave little thought to psychology. He had hoped to become a novelist, particularly, he wanted to write adult novels, and spent most of hist time reading porno comic books and sex comic scripts, watching nudities in pictures more than reading the scripts. Then, in 1999, when he was forty-three, his mother asked him to clean her lousy room, for the first time in the year.

While he was collecting all the empty bottles of gyn, underneath the bed, he found an assay by H. G. Wells, probably forgotten by one of his mother – so many – regular customers. The essay was about the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov, the famous dog torturer who was rewarded with the Nobel prize, for his peculiar and variegated techniques in slicing them – and widely opening their stomach and other part of the digestive apparatus – while keeping them alive and “healthy”.

The piece, which appeared in the Times Magazine, was ostensibly a review of the English translation of Pavlov’s “Conditioned Reflexes: An Investigation of the Physiological Activity of the Cerebral Cortex.”

But, as Wells pointed out, it was “not an easy book to read, since a lot of good guts was needed” – Mezzatesta was hardly capable of reading at all – and he didn’t spend much time on it. Instead, he started devoting more time taking care of his would-be daughter, getting to know her, since, it’s a long story, she was introduced to him when she was already 23 years old and she had already 2 children on her own, at the time of the event narrated here.

She did not look like him at all and she definitively inherited all her chromosomic system from her degenerate mother. B.F. Mezzatesta, though, understanding she was even more stupid than her mother, if that was at all possible, decided to spend some time with her, possibly some good time, because it never happened to him before to fuck the ass of a daughter, particularly his own daughter, for lack of knowing her.

They began to study Pavlov’s essays together and  that previously unexplored world was the total mechanics of anal sex. Pavlov had noticed, in his extensive research on dog’s asses, that they use to fuck one another without paying to much attention at who was who. Male to male, male to female, male to daughter, it really did not matter very much to those poor laboratory’s victims.

Our teacher, B.F. Mezzatesta (which means “half-head”), inspired by him, decided to follow Pavlov’s example. Not to torture animals, no, but to imitate their sexual behaviour, being them smart enough to understand that no natural barrier would prevent a good father to sodomise his own daughter.

After all, he was her owner, in a sense, why would he let her ass to be fucked deeply, as that certainly would have happened, by somebody else, without having that big ass of her trained by him before?

His plan was to sodomise a virgin, possibly more than one, two, three, even more, and in battery, one at the time, while the others were either watching and/or cooperating on his training stage. That was Mezzatesta’s concept of “pursuit of happiness”. He had never the chance to meet his own daughter before but, “now that he had found her”, or better still, “now that her mother and had found him”, he wanted to become a good father.

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