August 29th PM. It’s awfully hard to write every day in the holidays. I am always busy spying on my sister’s hair that I have no time to write. Today, Father said: “Don’t quarrel, children!” (Children to Teresa too!!) He’s quite right. She puts on such airs because she’ll be fourteen in October. “It’s time for bath, Teresa,” said Father. Father’s always so just. He never lets Teresa lord it over me, this morning he washed me accurately for one hour in the bath and now it’s her turn.

Novella has written to me, 4 pages about her new friend, some merchant who gave her $150 for spending 3 hours together in his hotel room. She did not go into details on what they have spent time doing…150? Perhaps she provide details in the last page? Was he a very generous man? Or perhaps she had been generous as well? Such a jolly letter. I don’t know what I should do without her! Perhaps she will come here in September or perhaps I shall go to stay with her. I think I would rather go to stay with her. I like paying long visits, so I can sleep with her, in the same room, every night and every afternoon, after lunch, since afternoon nap seems to be binding at her home. Father said: “We’ll see,” and that means he’ll let me go.

When they say “we’ll see, it really means Yes; but they won’t say “yes” so that if it does not come off one can’t say that they haven’t kept their word. Father really lets me do anything I like, but not Mother, probably because she remember how hot was her fire in her belly when she was my age. Still, if I practice my piano regularly perhaps she’ll let me go. I must go for a walk.

Novella wrote that I positively must write every day, for one must keep a promise and we swore to write every day. I. . . .

We write on loose pages. Novella thinks it’s better because then one does not have to tear anything out. But we have promised one another to throw nothing away and not to tear anything up. Why should we? One can tell a friend everything. And so she did to me, overwhelming my heart with joy and soaking my legs with vaginal is some of her writing:

“…my new friend is a merchant, he direct 4 corporations owned by others but not very successfully. Hence, he tries to round up his meagre incomes giving repetition, educating people, working sometimes as a columnist, editor, sex educator, and adult film director….he asked me information about anal pleasure after riding my ass from the back for 3 times in 3 hours. He said he had so little information about anal pleasure from a woman’s point of view….”but we don’t talk about that publicly!” I said. “But we are not in public here” he replied, and he was right. The hotel room was very nice and not infested with flies and mosquitoes like your parents house in the forest…It has taken time (3 hours) and practice (3 times in 3 hours) but the meaning of pleasure around this erogenous zone has finally, well, opened up in my anal orifice. I am still virgin after making love to a man for 3 times in 3 hours, at a rate of 50 bucks per hour, and I shall remain virgin without renouncing the sexual needs.

Yesterday Diary

Published by Rude Virgin Students Sodomised

This journal is about young girls, belonging to the upper middle class, all university students and yet certified virgins, involved with strange people in strange stories. One of the few topics we haven’t covered exhaustively is anal sex. No matter how frequently it is practiced, it will never be enough. Anal sex is not considered standard sexual practice yet, but it can and should become and be a daily routine (every single ass can and should be ridden even more than 2-3 times per day) as long as one realise that, as with anything else, the skill of the author makes or breaks it. A great deal of these stories are accurate. Rude Virgin Students are not native English speakers and their University is located in a remote Italian city, whose beauty is compromised only by an environment of ferocious religious bigotry. The editor, also not native English speaker, has added nothing and has suppressed nothing. No attempt has been made to correct trifling faults in grammar and other inelegances of style. However, since many characters of the events recounted are, unfortunately, still alive and well, it was essential to conceal the identity of the writers, of other persons mentioned in the document, the real name of the University and its real location. Consequently, surnames, Christian names, and names of places, have been changed.

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