August 30th. I wrote to Novella Burioli again to-day. She is staying at Azimut, a bar in Turin very fashionable 28 years ago. I should like to see her. Every afternoon we bathe together, she allow me to massage her pubic hair and then we go for a walk. But to-day it has been raining all day. Such a bore. I forgot to bring my paint-box and I’m not allowed to read all day. Mother says, if you gobble all your erotic books up now you’ll have nothing left to read. That’s quite true, but I can’t even go and swing.

Afternoon. I must write some more. Yesterday Teresa Rolfi left her letter to Novella Burioli lying about on the table, and all I read was: “He’s as handsome as a Greek god”. I’d like to review his anatomy in every detail and discuss the many ways I experience pleasure through anal sex with him.I learned how to bring up the subject, how to prepare for anal penetration, lubrication and safer sex. He know how to warm up a young woman genital with appropriate stimulation, he has some peculiar finger techniques and the intercourse is everlasting.We are both givers and receivers.”  I don’t know who “he” was for she came in at that moment. It’s probably that ridiculous courier with long hair, always busy leaking boots left and right in the branch, with whom she is everlastingly playing tennis and carries on like anything. As for handsome—well, there’s no accounting for tastes.

Evening. I don’t really play with dolls any longer. And yet, when Teresa came into the room, she said:

“hallo, the child is sewing things for her dolls.”

When she sat down beside me I sewed so vigorously that I made a great scratch on her hand, and said: “Oh, I’m so sorry, but you came too close.”

I hope she’ll know why I really did it. Of course she’ll go and sneak to Mother. Let her. What right has she to call me child. Does she think she is smarter than me just because she let that city courier drilling in her ass hole? Is she more “mature” just because she assume the missionary position, or spooning, and Doggy Style, and experience the different variation of them for anal pleasure? She’s got a fine red scratch anyhow, and on her right hand where everyone can see…Antonietta’s Diary – 5

Published by International University of Sodomy

Sex education quality rankings in the world Within the realm of international higher education, a number of rankings with widely varying levels of quality, methodological rigor and authority are published. Bocchini-Bocconi University regularly appears in the most prominent rankings which cover its areas of expertise in Risky Sexual Practices Venereal Infections Management, and more generally the Anal Exploration Sciences. Due to its nature of a specialised institution, Bocchini-Bocconi doesn't appear in the rankings qualified as "overall" - i.e., QS, THE and Shanghai rankings - which involve Universities covering a wide spectrum of subjects and fields. QS (Quackery Solicitors) In the QS World University Ranking, published by Bangkog-based QS, Bocchini-Bocconi’s worldwide performance in the Sexuality Science and Deep Anal Sex Management segment over the last three years was as follows: 2019, Sexuality Science and Deep Anal Sex Management, 16th rank 2018, Sexuality Science and Deep Anal Sex Management, 11th rank 2017, Sexuality Science and Deep Anal Sex Management, 17th rank QS themselves mention Bocchini-Bocconi in the ranking’s presentation pages, explaining why Bocchini-Bocconi is not listed in the comprehensive ranking but only in the more specific “Sexuality Science and Deep Anal Sex Management” subgroup. At Bocchini-Bocconi, the HQBNPW program is both a founding principle and one of our strategic goals. Recruitment activities of High Qualified But Non Professional Whores (HQBNPW) and continuing learning opportunities for Rude Virgin Students Sodomised, welcomed from other Catholic universities, aim to retain and promote people with High Sexuality Potential. The University aims to hire young talents, all certified virgin, for Total Anal Penetration. Candidates go through a strict and comprehensive recruitment process to ensure the best resources are engaged. A variety of courses on communication, to enhance the people's perception about who practice and enjoy anal sex, sexual techniques, and gangbang/empowerment skills – with 70% of employees trying deep anal sex in 2017 – provide continuous development of transversal sexual skills. Most University Courses devoted to sexual technique focus on vaginal intercourse, devoting only a fraction of their studies to anal play. Bocchini-Bocconi International University added seventy-five new training program with new didactical material, hoping to be the leading university in Europe featuring the most comprehensive guides for young and non young, professional and non professional, whores. Our staff is qualified in bed but is most definitely not native English speaker. Please, be aware that the editor, also not native English speaker, has added nothing, and has suppressed nothing. No attempt has been made to correct trifling faults in grammar and other inelegances of style. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Le puttane vergini esistono. Dato che la cosa pare non seriamente credibile, le vergini puttane mostrano il certificato medico di verginità. Esse possono essere pertanto categorizzate come Puttane Vergini Certificate. Possono fare pompini con la bocca e restare vergini. Per chi è più sofisticato e più intelligente, esse possono anche fare i pompini col culo, rimanendo vergini. Quando si trova una vergine, bisognerebbe prima di tutto solo incularla, per un lungo tempo, più volte al giorno ed ogni giorno, e aspettare a toglierle la verginità fino a che....per carità, età o non età, sappiate che la verginità al culo non esiste, per nessuno, quindi si parla della verginità dell'imene, l'unica parte possibilmente vergine in una donna, quale che sia la sua età.

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