….Prof. Roberto Burioni had no problem breaking the rules. Was she virgin? Better. Was she a minor, much better. Were they going to practice the noble art of total and deepest anal sex on her parent’s second-hand sofa? Better! Was that beautiful event taking place during his paid time, was he going to fuck their only virgin daughter in the ass during working hours, instead of teaching her the basics of laws and economics? Yes, better, Yes, much better! Teaching law and economics was an impossible task, it was a ridiculous waste of time and money (her parent’s money, that is). Tutoring rude virgin students on the nobel art of total anal sex was something more realistic, and much more rewarding. More realistic for a double argumentative line: (a) studying law was a time consuming process that leaded one nowhere, unless the path was already prearranged within one of those big law firms working in and/or for the central banks; economics notions were all fake, college students were

literally driven for decades with false notions, incomprehensible mathematical formulas, useless statistics, trifles, details, comparative analyses, and all that to keep them extremely busy, working hard on nonsense, and no one explained them the fundamentals, the monetary system. (b) When Burioni tried to explain the reality of things to his students, he immediately realised they where not interested. They did not find the truth intriguing, they did not find it even interesting, nor were they interested about the fact that somebody was pulling their legs, that the system was cheating them, was stupefying them with fake notions, to make them pay taxes and convincing them that doing so was good for them.

Burioni’s students simply did not care. You could see it in their eyes. They were resigned to give up their revenue to the central banks just as they “fathers” had been before them, and to living like modern slaves. If prof. Roberto Burioni told them something true, and specifying that “you are not going to give this answer at the exams…you are not going to find this notion on the book…they do not tell you the truth….I tell you the truth…” when they figured what he was going to talk would not have helped them at the exams, they simply turned off the volume, shut down the ears, and wait patiently until he went back to the topics required for the exams. They all just wanted to pass the test, being accepted in a good university and find a good slave-job, all off them ready to spend the rest of their empty lives within walls and using artificial lights, day and night, for all days to come. Even the girls, even the young dames, those whom Burioni invest most time with, because he believed they were stronger, smarter than boys. Probably he liked them more because of their spicy asses, and, being honest, he find all of them so smart, just because they were good looking. Anyway, sooner or later they disappointed him, when he had to realised that so very smart they were not, and that was when he started to be a bit honest to himself. “It is the ass–what you are interested in–not the brain!

The sofa was dusty–very rude of you, little ignorant cunt, to take me to the sofa, a bloody second-hand-sofa, and without even putting a bloody cover sheet on top of it–he smiled at her, and she realised that he had no problem breaking the rules, that he was all for it, that he actually wanted nothing more sincerely than braking rules. Fucking his best friend’s women, like the other Italians use to try with his, fucking his own daughter, who always hugged him and bitten him on the neck, with a big open mouth, tongue definitely involved somehow, only she knew that, or fucking his cousin daughters, because cousin women were over 45 already and they indulged too much on the table, with carbohydrate, wine and fatty cakes–Oh, how many occasion he wasted, how many ideal situations did he miss for his own pretended honesty, uprightness, politeness…he was sincere, it was all true, but the more he was honest with the subject involved, the more he was sexually aroused. And actually, likely, the intensity of his excitement had to be at the origin of his extreme modesty.

Cousins, nieces, students, friends youngest daughters, and even his own sister, when they were both 12-13, had aroused him and drove him to intense and extreme masturbation practices. And yet, because of the bloody modesty and the bloody shyness, of the pretended honesty, he had never touched any one of them, not even his friend’s grown up–whore–girlfriends. Now was his time with the lazy student with the dirty second-hand-soufa. He was not as young and in need of sex as before but he had promised to himself to continue to act as he still was, to force himself to some date, now and then, even if he was not really interested in that woman or in that other. It was late, now, he could not put all those females on a line and serve them all, as he did not in the past, when he would have had to. It was late, but not too late. It was not too late but it was still late. They were older, now, and him? 40 pounds added to his belly circumference, lost a couple of couples of teeth, but for the rest, he was still iron-big-cock Roberto Burioni (aka: il ruffiano che sul tuo culo ci spalma i suoi coglioni) and he had no more problem breaking the rules. He begun to rub her body with his big, warm hands. When he got to her ass, he parted her cheeks but did not kiss between them, as she expected. He just put the fingers inside, and the water based lubricant, which added a lot of good smell in that lousy room. Without a thought for what she was doing, she put one hand under her body and began to play with her clit as he continued his rim job. When she was keening under her breath, he turned her head to let her see him work the glistening liquid over his rock-hard cock, and she bit her bottom lip as he moved behind her once more. Prof. Roberto Burioni started pressing just the head to her asshole. The pressure was just barely noticeable, he knew it, “going nice and easy”, because he tried many time on himself, at the beginning of his practice of “the nobel art”, experiencing every kind of lubricant in order to find the best one. Not pain on him, not pain on them, virgin or non virgin, it was the same, and then, “nobody is virgin in the ass”. But he also had tried to get real cocks in is ass, on his so many sessions taken with lady-boys, so he knew it damn well, nobody could ever say that taking it in the ass was not enjoyable, nobody, he knew it better, because he had had it many time, so he was not willing any more to let any woman telling him “no, it’s painful, I don’t want..” it was not paiful, it was only pleasure, and if it was so for men it had to be so for women as well…

Published by Rude Virgin Students Sodomised

This journal is about young girls, belonging to the upper middle class, all university students and yet certified virgins, involved with strange people in strange stories. One of the few topics we haven’t covered exhaustively is anal sex. No matter how frequently it is practiced, it will never be enough. Anal sex is not considered standard sexual practice yet, but it can and should become and be a daily routine (every single ass can and should be ridden even more than 2-3 times per day) as long as one realise that, as with anything else, the skill of the author makes or breaks it. A great deal of these stories are accurate. Rude Virgin Students are not native English speakers and their University is located in a remote Italian city, whose beauty is compromised only by an environment of ferocious religious bigotry. The editor, also not native English speaker, has added nothing and has suppressed nothing. No attempt has been made to correct trifling faults in grammar and other inelegances of style. However, since many characters of the events recounted are, unfortunately, still alive and well, it was essential to conceal the identity of the writers, of other persons mentioned in the document, the real name of the University and its real location. Consequently, surnames, Christian names, and names of places, have been changed.

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