Modesty, to do is good, to say is bad

Modesty of speech has a deep and primitive basis, although in modern Europe it only became conspicuous at the beginning of the eighteenth century. "All over the world," as Dufour put it, "to do is good, to say is bad." Reticences of speech are not adequately accounted for by the statement that modesty tends to [...]

Virgin Students find Personal Tutor – 2

....Prof. Roberto Burioni had no problem breaking the rules. Was she virgin? Better. Was she a minor, much better. Were they going to practice the noble art of total and deepest anal sex on her parent's second-hand sofa? Better! Was that beautiful event taking place during his paid time, was he going to fuck their [...]

Antonietta’s Diary – 6

...the first class she has not yet ideas and fantasies as part of her learning process at all." Then Father chipped in, saying that we (I didn't begin it) really must stop this eternal wrangling; he really could not stand it. He's quite right, but what he said won't do any good, for Teresa will [...]

Modesty is itself a temptation

The great artistic elaboration often displayed by articles of ornament or clothing, even when very small, and the fact—as shown by Karl von den Steinen regarding the Brazilian uluri—that they may serve as common motives in general decoration, sufficiently prove that such objects attract rather than avoid attention. And while there is an invincible repugnance among [...]

Virgin Students find Personal Tutor – 1

On their second date, prof. Roberto Burioni's lazy student found herself waiting impatiently for him to do her ass again, and she had to ask him for that, because he was not even trying it, since he had no idea if she did in fact endure it the first time they met in bed, while [...]

Antonietta’s Diary – 5

August 31st. There's such a lot of fruit here. I eat raspberries and gooseberries all day and Mother says that is why I have no appetite for dinner. But Dr. Burioni always says Fruit is so wholesome. But why should it be unwholesome all at once? Is it because I repeat Mother's path with Gyn? [...]

On the playful defence of the comedy of courtship

On the double object of concealing and attracting "...modesty is in its origin independent of clothing, physiological modesty takes precedence of anatomical modesty, and that the primary factors of modesty were certainly developed long before the discovery of either ornament or garments... ..The impulse which leads the female animal, as it leads some African women [...]

Antonietta’s Diary – 4

August 30th. I wrote to Novella Burioli again to-day. She is staying at Azimut, a bar in Turin very fashionable 28 years ago. I should like to see her. Every afternoon we bathe together, she allow me to massage her pubic hair and then we go for a walk. But to-day it has been raining [...]

Sexual shyness, not only in woman but in man

"...At an early stage of culture, again, menstruation is regarded as a process of purification, a dangerous expulsion of vitiated humours. Hence the term katharsis applied to it by the Greeks. Hence also the medieval view of women: "Mulier speciosa templum ædificatum super cloacam," said Boethius. The sacro-pubic region in women, because it includes the [...]

Antonietta’s Diary – 3

August 29th PM. It's awfully hard to write every day in the holidays. I am always busy spying on my sister's hair that I have no time to write. Today, Father said: "Don't quarrel, children!" (Children to Teresa too!!) He's quite right. She puts on such airs because she'll be fourteen in October. "It's time [...]

Primitive stage of sexual parts

...Nearly everywhere all over the world at a primitive stage of thought, and even to some extent in the highest civilisation, the sight of the sexual organs or of the sexual act, the image or even the names of the sexual parts of either man or woman, are believed to have a curiously potent influence, [...]

Antonietta’s Diary – 2

To-morrow we are going to eat "strangola-preti" (strangle priests) in Moncalieri, a pathetic small village not too far from the grey Turin. I'm frightfully excited, Novella is going to steel a half dozen of bottles of wine "Novello" - as she always does when we go there - from his uncle's cellar. She just went [...]

Antonietta’s Diary – 1

Antonietta's Diary First Year, when Antonietta Villa was still virgin, Age unknown.. August 13, 17.. . Teresa Rolfi and I are writing a diary every day. So Teresa keeps a diary too, but she gets furious if I look at it. Teresa is so vulgar. I go on calling her "Sorceress", because she can make [...]

Rude Virgin Students Diary on Pavlov

As a college student, B. F. Mezzatesta, our present lecturer, gave little thought to psychology. He had hoped to become a novelist, particularly, he wanted to write adult novels, and spent most of hist time reading porno comic books and sex comic scripts, watching nudities in pictures more than reading the scripts. Then, in 1999, [...]

Rude Virgin Students Sodomised

As a youth he was faced, as others are, by the problem of sex. Living partly in an Italian little city, where the ways of life were plainly seen partly in the solitude of the train station toilets, he was free both to contemplate and to meditate many things. A resolve slowly grew up within [...]

Shaving Pubic Hair, a Pathological Fashion

In the present lecture we shall discuss experiments and observation upon the pathological fashion of shaving pubic hair. The inquiry is one of particular interest, on account of the special attention devoted to our teachers' fundamental problem: for too many years they wasted their appetite licking stinging pussies, and feeling their big and voracious dicks [...]

“Modesty, an expression of feminine erotic impulse”

It is the spontaneous and natural instinct of the lover to desire modesty in his mistress, and by no means any calculated opinion on his part that modesty is the sign of sexual emotion. It remains true, however, that modesty is an expression of feminine erotic impulse. We have here one of the instances, of [...]

Modesty around the anus

On the sacro-pubic region, sexual centre and excretory centre It is, of course, impossible to argue that the fact of the sacro-pubic region of the body being the chief focus of concealment proves the importance of this factor of modesty. But it may fairly be argued that it owes this position not merely to being [...]

The association of modesty and fear

That modesty—like all the closely-allied emotions—is based on fear, one of the most primitive of the emotions, seems to be fairly evident. The association of modesty and fear is even a very ancient observation, and is found in the fragments of Epicharmus, while according to one of the most recent definitions, "modesty is the timidity [...]

Parisian women do not wear drawers

At St. Petersburg, in 1774, Sir Nicholas Wraxall observed "the promiscuous bathing of not less than two hundred persons, of both sexes. There are several of these public bagnios," he adds, "in Petersburg, and every one pays a few copecks for admittance. There are, indeed, separate spaces for the men and women, but they seem [...]

Ladies in a state of Nature, stark naked

"Ladies in a state of Nature; that is, in plain English, stark naked" James, Bishop of Nisibis, in the fourth century, was a man of great holiness. We are told by Thedoret that once, when James had newly come into Persia, it was vouchsafed to him to perform a miracle under the following circumstances: He [...]

Modesty Washed Away in the Bath

In Rome, "when there was at first much less freedom in this matter than in Greece, the bath became common to both sexes, and though each had its basin and hot room apart, they could see each other, meet, speak, form intrigues, arrange meetings, and multiply adulteries. At first, the baths were so dark that [...]

Women Exercising Naked

"It is very difficult to investigate the hairiness of Ainu women," Baelz remarks, "for they possess a really incredible degree of modesty. Even when in summer they bathe—which happens but seldom—they keep their clothes on." He records that he was once asked to examine a girl at the Mission School, in order to advise as [...]

Modesty is a Question of Convention

  In the Gold Coast and surrounding countries complete nudity is extremely rare, except when circumstances make it desirable; on occasion clothing is abandoned with unconcern. "I have on several occasions," says Dr. Freeman, "seen women at Accra walk from the beach, where they have been bathing, across the road to their houses, where they [...]

Modesty of the Women of the African Tribes

The sense of modesty of the women of the African tribes Describing the loin-cloth worn by Nicobarese men, Man says: "From the clumsy mode in which this garment is worn by the Shom Pen—necessitating frequent readjustment of the folds—one is led to infer that its use is not de rigueur, but reserved for special occasions, [...]

The principle of chastity

“The principle of chastity," said Forster, of his experiences in the South Sea Islands in their unspoilt state, "we found in many families exceedingly well understood. I have seen many fine women who, with a modesty mixed with politeness, refuse the greatest and most tempting offers made them by our forward youths; often they excuse [...]

Irradiations of the Sexual Act

“It is certain that very much of what is best in religion, art, and life," remark Stanley Hall and Allin, "owes its charm to the progressively-widening irradiation of sexual feeling. Perhaps the reluctance of the female first long-circuited the exquisite sensations connected with sexual organs and acts to the antics of animal and human courtship, [...]

La paranoia di Osvaldo – 4 – “Conosceva le Procedure, era il Sovrintendente”

Venne fatto accomodare in una stanza pulita, dalle pareti tinte recentemente di bianco, dove erano due scrivanie. Su una c'era un cappello militare verde, il cosiddetto "esercito di liberazione" montava divise verdi. Ma perché - si domandava - che ci fa l'esercito di liberazione al valico di frontiera? E però polizia non è; e no, [...]

La paranoia di Osvaldo – 3 – “Un Piccolo Controllo, una Formalità”

Danzi era fuori di sé, “perché non sei scesa prima e non hai insegnato a quel figlio di puttana di tuo figlio a pisciare contro un albero, come fanno normalmente tutti gli altri cani?” immaginava di domandarle, se avesse avuto senso farlo. E aveva assistito alla stessa operazione, tempo prima, in un ascensore gremito, anche [...]

La paranoia di Osvaldo – 2 – “A Quell’unico Incrocio”

1 - INIZIO Alle 5 e 45 di quella buia mattina, a Jin Lin Lu ("Lu" stava per "Road"), Osvaldo aspettava di prendere un automezzo e se ne stava in strada solo come un becco, con un paio di valigette, non più grandi di quelle normalmente accettabili nelle cabine dei voli di linea intelligenti. Alcuni [...]

La paranoia di Osvaldo – 1

NOSTALGICA PREMESSA Osvaldo Danzi si era sistemato in un posticino gradevole che appariva, doveva apparire, perlomeno tranquillo. Sanya, una cittadina di mare sull’isola di Hainan, l'unico atollo tropicale vivibile, nonostante tutto, per un occidentale di media cultura ma capace di vivere, per un italiano, poi, scegliendo tra le poche convulse e tristissime opportunità di reale [...]

Della finta guerra alla droga

INDICE 1.0. Della finta guerra alla droga e al crimine organizzato 1.1. Dei pretesti per imporre leggi liberticide 1.2. Del trucco dell'attenzione mal diretta 1.3. Del problema centrale 1.4. Delle cinque fasi delle logiche restrittive 1.5. Della cosiddetta guerra alla droga 1.6. Della prima guerra dell’oppio 1.7. Dell'imposizione del traffico di droga in Cina 1.8. [...]

Economia Politica Basica: delle Politiche Restrittive

Merci e denaro viaggiano in direzioni opposte Il capitalismo consente, in fasi diverse, di realizzare profitti attraverso attività differenti. Al suo stadio originario, quello che Quigley chiama Capitalismo Commerciale, il profitto si ottiene muovendo merci da un luogo ad un altro. I beni si spostano da luoghi in cui hanno valore relativamente basso ad altri [...]

Della scienza dell’oppressione e del controllo sociale

TAVISTOCK Della scienza dell'oppressione e del controllo sociale Diciamo subito che le attività dell’istituto iniziano a Londra, nel 1913, presso la Wellington House. Il tale Sir Edward Grey, ministro degli Esteri britannico dell’epoca, nomina come direttore Lord Northcliffe (il magnate della stampa più influente in Gran Bretagna). La posizione di Lord Northcliffe è avallata da [...]

Adolf Hitler vs VATICANO   Adolf Hitler e il suo rapporto perverso con i pericolosissimi uomini con le gonne. Secondo alcuni autori, Adolf Hitler viene messo a scaldare la poltrona della dittatura nazista di Germania proprio dagli uomini con le sottane bianche, i papi Pio XI e il suo compare Pio XII, i quali restano sempre amicissimi del [...]

Del Potere Gerarchico ed Economico dei pericolosissimi Uomini con le Gonne   A me pare di capire come fanno le banche centrali a manipolare l'economia del Giappone e dell'Europa ma non mi è chiara la leva gerarchica (se esiste, perché per alcuni pare che tutto il male del mondo sia opera dei "Vatican's Assassins") che consente ai padroni del Vaticano di manipolare a loro volta [...]

Le Balle del Corriere della SeGa e della Bugiarda Avvelenatrice   Il 25 luglio del 2018 il Corriere della SeGa titola un'altra menzogna: " "Vaccini-autismo, Cassazione ribadisce che non esiste legame" Senza generalizzare troppo, diciamo che: A) il titolo del corriere della sega non fa testo, perché è cartaccia stampata sulla quale scrivono falsari e ruffiani; B) bisognerebbe leggere la sentenza e chiaramente non [...]

Per Salvarsi dal Cancro, dai veleni-chemio e dalle radiazioni ionizzanti   DEL TUMORE, MOSTRO TREMENDO E MISTERIOSO Riprendo tutto ciò che trovo scritto da Tullio Simoncini, per comodità mia nel tenere gli appunti che mi servono, certo, più che per scopiazzare, ma anche per distribuire, per cercare di diffondere in questo mio piccolo, per far avere le sue informazioni ad ulteriori cinque o dieci [...]

Le balle di Giancarlo Magalli promuovono il veleno-chemio Giancarlo Magalli, le menzogne del ruffiano che uccidono! Il ridicolo botolo-ruffiano oramai giubilato G. Magalli racconta balle sulla presunta pericolosità del bicarbonato. La gente che va in televisione non sa contare fino a cinque. È gente pagata per dire scemenze e pare che non ci sia nulla di male in ciò ma promuove la [...]

Della promozione commerciale della chemio-“terapia”   Della promozione commerciale della chemio-"terapia" La televisione, ospitando le cricche dei più fervidi ruffiani del mercato della prostituzione pubblicitaria, lancia le campagne di marketing di moltitudini di prodotti inutili, talvolta dannosi, tossici, pericolosi e persino letali, come è il caso delle grandi campagne di suggestione per diffondere i vaccini-assassini e come è il [...]

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