Rude Virgins Sodomised

Not that it matters, but a great deal of these stories are accurate. This journal is about young girls, belonging to the upper middle class, all university students and yet certified virgins, involved with strange people in strange stories. (Only those tutors capable of training the asses of virgin university students can testify to the permanent value of this document).

This “diary”, of strange people in strange situations, meeting virgin students – and very much qualified natural whores – has been written enabling readers to see clearly into the soul of young girls, during the years of their intellectual development. Readers are shown the dawn of love, feeling out towards its first objects: deep and total anal sex.

The mystery of the sexual life first presses itself vaguely on the attention, and then takes entire possession of the growing intelligence, so that the virgin suffers under the load of secret knowledge but gradually becomes enabled to open widely her anal orifice, her rectal ampulla, and shoulder the burden of the repeated and continued practice of anal sex. All these things cannot fail to be of supreme interest to educationists and schoolmasters.

Rude Virgin Students are not native English speakers and their University is located in a remote Italian city, whose beauty is compromised only by an environment of ferocious religious bigotry.

The editor, also not native English speaker, has added nothing, and has suppressed nothing. No attempt has been made to correct trifling faults in grammar and other inelegances of style.

However, since many characters of the events recounted are, unfortunately, still alive and well, it was essential to conceal the identity of the writers, of other persons mentioned in the document, the real name of the University and its real location. Consequently, surnames, Christian names, and names of places, have been changed.

One of the few topics we haven’t covered exhaustively is anal sex. No matter how frequently it is practiced, it will never be enough.  Anal sex is not considered standard sexual practice yet, but it can and should become and be a daily routine (every single ass can and should be ridden even more than 2-3 times per day) as long as one realise that, as with anything else, the skill of the author makes or breaks it.

Antonietta’s Diary – 1
Antonietta’s Diary – 2


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